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My name is John Garvin. I am a LA based professional actor, screenwriter and musician, with credits in London’s West End (I played the lead role of Buddy Holly inBuddy - The Buddy Holly Story for over 2,000 performances at the Victoria Palace theatre and Strand Theatres. 
I also have several professional film credits, both as a screenwriter, actor and diving supervisor (Sanctum, Deepsea Challenge, Avatar 2).  For the last ten years, I have been employed by film director James Cameron to collaborate on several of his high-profile film projects.  I am currently based in Los Angeles working on James Cameron’s Avatar sequels.
I have known Mark Thompson both professionally and personally since 1988 and have no hesitation in providing a glowing reference attesting to his extraordinary ability, skill-set, talent and work ethic.  
I first worked with Mark on a series of music productions at Bretton Hall Academy of Performance Arts, where he demonstrated great musical and performance-based skills. Mark approached his BA Hons degree work methodically and with great enthusiasm. This level of dedication was reflected in his final degree result.  
I later worked with Mark professionally between the years 1991 and 1997. I  engaged him to perform at several high profile theatre venues alongside my theatre company, Action Replay. Mark played drums to his then new standard Grade 8. 
Mark later went on to successfully audition for the role of lead cricket, Jerry Allison, in Buddy, The Buddy Holly Story in London’s West End.
During his audition he demonstrated extraordinary drumming and acting skills and far exceeded the expectations of the director and producers.
On a personal level, I’ve played in several rock’n’roll bands with Mark over the years and continue to follow and support his professional musical career.  
What is unique about Mark’s musical ability is that he also teaches and demonstrates the ‘performance’ side of playing in a band.  Mark understands that drumming is more than just being technically gifted, it is also about selling the performance and projecting that passion to an audience. Mark’s showmanship and confidence are a unique asset  - and it’s impossible not to be drawn into watching his performance on the drums - a visual and musical hybrid that resonates professionalism and natural talent.
I cannot recommend Mark highly enough as a musician.  Any band or musical enterprise considering his services can be confident of his ability, passion and impeccable work ethic.  
I wish Mark all the best in his future musical endeavours.
Best wishes
John Garvin
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